In every single SwimBug lesson, we’ll teach your child the skills they need to achieve nationally recognised qualifications under the ASA badge scheme, with each level showcasing new and improved techniques, new abilities, and further confidence in the water . 



Our beginners' classes help non swimmers slowly build up their confidence in water and develop basic water safety and awareness with a series of badges from levels 1-5, until they are able to swim unaided for a short distance in the water, safely and confidently.

Alpha Steps

For those really nervous swimmings, or for children who are really struggling in the water, we have a range of additional awards to help boost their self confidence and make sure they always enjoy their swimming lessons.

ASA Stages

From Stage 1 through to 7, the ASA teaching structure will help your child learn how to swim safely and effectively; from just being able to manage a whole lesson without floatation devices, to being a competent swimmer with good stroke technique, able to dive, tread water, and manage obstacle courses.

We’ll teach your children how to breathe properly while swimming, how to jump in safely, how to submerse themselves underwater, how to swim all the different strokes correctly - from front stroke to butterfly, and how to refine those techniques to perfection.

Distance Badges and Water Skills

Alongside the ASA stage awards, we offer a host of different badges and achievements to help showcase the success of our young swimmers and constantly give them something to work towards. Our distance badges range from 5m to 2000m, with swimmers completing these distances on both their front and back, and water skills badges going from level 1 to 6.

Rookie Lifeguards

At some of our locations, we also offer children the chance to participate in lifeguard courses, with 9 different badges to achieve, lots of incredibly useful life skills to develop, and fun to be had too. 

Mastering Swimming

And when you’ve completed your training with us, we have a host of fantastic connections with local swimming clubs, to help point your child in the right direction if they want to continue their development and become expert swimmers.