All lessons are kept to a small number of children to allow maximum attention for each child so that they gain the most from their class. Often, in both our group lessons and our one-to-one personal classes, our swimming instructors will be in the water with students, ensuring total supervision, boosting confidence, and demonstrating stroke techniques and development.


SwimBug Mother & Baby

Get your little ones comfortable in the water from an early age with our SwimBug Mother & Baby classes! Bring along your tots, and slowly get them used to the water with some fun activities and basic instructions, to help give your child a head start in learning how to swim. It's the perfect way to bond with your toddler, encouraging them to be comfortable in the pool, exercising their muscles without gravity, boosting balance and co-ordination, and building the confidence of both you and your child. 

We'll teach you how to teach you children, and you'll be able to experience first hand the love your toddler develops for water. It's great fun, but it's also so beneficial, and will undoubtedly help your son or daughter progress more quickly through our swimming stages and achievements. 

Children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times.



Children's LESSONS 4 to 11

Our children’s swimming lessons are structured into a number of different levels and stages, so that based on your child’s previous experience and skill, we can put them into the class which is perfect for their ability and help them improve most effectively. They’ll be with kids of their own age who are often friends - or who certainly will be after they learn to swim together. 

Lessons generally last around half an hour, and your child will be taught all the necessary skills to make them a very competent swimmer in no time at all. From beginner right up to advanced, your child will achieve nationally recognised qualifications at every stage of their development, which make for perfect show and tell items at school! We follow the National Plan for Teaching Swimming and ASA guidelines, helping kids progress quickly and earn lots of different fun badges and achievements. 

And of course, as well learning all the correct stroke techniques and quickly being able to swim just like fish, your kids will also have lots of fun as every lesson always contains interesting activities and a little bit of free time for them to just relax and enjoy themselves. We even have little parties and activities outside of the swimming lessons too, just because it’s fun! 

Everything we do will help your child develop important life skills, in and out of the pool, and before you know it, they'll have the confidence and the ability to go on to do anything they want in the water, from playing polo to synchro swimming!

Parents can watch from the comforts of the cafe area, slip into the pool alongside the children, or even kick back and relax in the jacuzzi instead! After all, you deserve some fun time to unwind too!

Note: To use the facilities parents must be members of the club or pay the applicable guest fee. 



ONe-to-ONe SwimBugs 

If you would really like to give your child an extra helping hand in learning to swim, want to boost their confidence further, or simply need to fit lessons into a hectic schedule, then our one-on-one private swimming lessons with our expertly qualified instructors might be the option for you. 

Having the personal attention of an instructor can help give your child an extra boost in both their confidence and ability, as we spend more time working on areas they might be struggling with, and further developing those they are good at. Many children respond better to one-to-one instruction, listening more attentively and improving quicker. And sometimes, it's just useful to be able to take your child to a lesson that ties in perfectly with everything else in their busy week, without having to worry about rushing around. 

Book a time that perfectly suits your schedule, and then give your children that special attention they might need to advance quickly and efficiently in their private swimming lessons.


Learning to swim as an adult or booking lessons to help improve certain stroke techniques doesn't need to be an embarrassing or daunting task. At SwimBug, it's just like booking a personal training session. We help adults every day with their confidence and skill in the water, and it's done in a friendly and effective way to help you reach your own personal goals. 

Every adult has different requirements, so our one-to-one personal swimming lessons are designed to help you reach the level and confidence you're happy with. It might that you're going on holiday and don't want to look silly flapping around in the pool, or it may be that you're training for a triathlon and need help perfecting a certain stroke to get that time you're aiming for. 

Either way, our thirty minute lessons will help you work towards your goals of becoming a better swimmer in no time at all, with your own personal, bespoke package.