Learning to swim is one of the most importing things a child can do growing up, but that doesn't mean it has to be hard or stressful! It can still be fun! Helping children enjoy swimming and become comfortable in the water, all SwimBug lessons are filled with fun and engaging activities!


Our Mission

At SwimBug, we believe in two things: teaching kids how to swim, and having fun doing it. Everything else we do falls under one of these two key values. We want to teach any child to swim to the best of their ability whilst enjoying every single lesson they have, and our aim is to help children and adults develop a love of water that will last a lifetime. 


Our Story

When a parent in one of the health clubs we were visiting came up and asked us if her child could learn how to swim, we found the best instructor in the area, and began a fully immersive swimming programme which soon everyone wanted to join. The nurturing atmosphere, the fun activities and the great techniques we were teaching soon became in demand right across the North, from Newcastle to Lancashire. Now, we have a whole host of swimming classes, from helping toddlers get used to water with their mums, to teaching adults to swim in a relaxed environment, building their confidence, helping them develop improved stroke techniques, and making sure that everyone, regardless of age, can have fun in the water. 

...he absolutely loves going to his swimming lessons now and the improvement in his confidence and ability over the past 2 months is amazing. ALL of the SwimBug are excellent, friendly, attentive, cheerful and take pride in helping kids learn to swim
— Parent, Cheshire

What We've Achieved

  • Helped thousands of children learn to swim.
  • Established SwimBug communities in seven different North West locations.
  • Watched hundreds of children begin at absolute beginner and leave as fully competent swimmers.
  • Awarded dozens of badges and certificates every month.
  • Seen countless children learn to love the water.
  • Helped hundred of adults improve their confidence in the pool and develop better stroke technique.